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How to Come Up with a New Startup Plan in 3 Weeks

Lightning Fast - How To Stress Test A Startup Idea And Come Up With A Business Plan In 3 Weeks (Case Study: Startup Fund)

Where do startup ideas come from?
What does it take to define a new product?
How can we test a concept before building it?
How can we de-risk the future business by design?
When should we go ahead vs pull the plug on a new idea?

Startup programs and internet resources often claim to have “recipes” for coming up with new business ideas and playbooks for how to execute them.

What if it’s all b*llshit? Or, to put it mildly, survivor bias.

Following our meet-up in April, a group member commented about the presentation:

“it was the development of the idea and bringing it to market that would have interested me, but it just felt like a sales pitch to me... little dissapointed...”

Whether broadly supported or not, let’s try again. After the event back then I made a mental note to prepare a workshop based around any idea that I might came across in the intervening time between events and without actually trying to get its commercial validation bring it and its genesis. So no sales pitch.

At this event we will discuss how a startup hedge fund could work, from idea to product design and market-fit testing to defining a launch/bootstrap strategy.

We’ll use slides and an interactive browser session for support. Dialogue is encouraged throughout the session.

What you need in order to benefit the most from participating at this event:
- a mid-level understanding of securities markets and financial institutions
- a low-level understanding of derivatives (primarily options in this particular case)
- retail understanding of common financial terms such as interest rate, management fees, brokerage and transaction fee
- some mild interest in building your own business and avoiding well-known pitfalls.

About the speaker:
Silviu Preoteasa is currently the CEO of Advanced Radio Mapping. He previously worked for Dell and Hostelworld, sold his first company in 2007 and invested since in 10 other companies with various degrees of success.

About Entrepreneurs Anonymous:
Are you a budding entrepreneur or new business owner? Come along and join us for a Last Tuesday with Entrepreneurs Anonymous.

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