Bank of Ireland, Dublin 2


Wed May 11 18:00



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What top sales people do to power ahead in the selling game - Sales Workshop

Would you like to know what top sales people do and learn some tips on how to apply their techniques to win more business from your prospects?

This workshop is for people who have lost sales they are sure they should have won! 

This is not for people looking for a silver bullet formula for selling.  

Bring a case study for your own investigation.

At this workshop you'll learn: 

- how awareness of buyer behaviour will change how you sell and win more business and get the price you are looking for. 

- the importance of selling on value rather than price

- why people fail to sell and how to avoid the traps in sales meetings 

Attending this course will help you:

- Understand what makes a clear repeatable process for selling the value of what you do

- Learn how to avoid selling like everybody else

- Learn the key piece that will make or break the deal

Find out what top sales people do that you might not be doing

Normally these workshops are delivered as part of corporate trainings. Now you have the chance as an entrepreneur to get this professional sales training completely for free. 

18h00 Welcoming and opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs 

18h30 Workshop starts 

19h45 Wrap up

20h00 Time to leave to a bar close-by for networking drinks at own cost

The facilitator is Shiera O'Brien from Zenith Training and Development. 

Shiera O'Brien has been working in sales for over 25 years. She has trained international sales teams to change how they have conversations with their customers. Her unique approach to selling blends the fields of psychology, language and her experience of selling to large and small companies in the B2B space. Her experience has taught her that  "people who truly understand selling, can work in any industry. Great product and industry experts don't always make the best sales people. The people who study buying strategies and human behaviour will always win more sales." 

If you want to learn more about strategic thinking and buying psychology, Shiera can share her nuggets of wisdom from her years of training, coaching and working with international sales teams.                                   

In 2016 EntAnon and B.U.I.L.D (Business United for Innovation, Learning, Development) we offer our members BoostCamp:

• free

• 90 minute workshop aiming to boost your business

• successful entrepreneurs share 3 hands-on tips on how you can improve your business based on their area of expertise.

• every 2nd Wednesday evening each month 

• Bank Of Ireland Grand Canal

• Complimentary drink & nibbles


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