Bank of Ireland, Dublin 2


Wed Mar 9 18:00



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More Bang For Your Buck - sales and gamification workshop

At this BoostCamp workshop you will discover tips on how to increase sales, the very heart and bottom line of any business.

You will explore better ways to:

- research your customer

- pitch your product

- ask the right questions so you can explain your customer how your product solves his/her problems.

Fiachra Ó Comhraí is the former Corporate Sales Vice President at Salesforce and now CEO of Pipeline Check making sales people better using game based techniques that stimulate engagement, make progress clearer and improve the quality of selling.


18h00 Welcoming and opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs

18h30 Workshop starts

20h00 Wrap up

In 2016 EntAnon and B.U.I.L.D (Business United for Innovation, Learning, Development) we offer our members BoostCamp workshop:

• free

• 90 minute workshop aiming to boost your business

• successful entrepreneurs share 3 hands-on tips on how you can improve your business based on their area of expertise.

• every 2nd Wednesday evening each month until June

• At the lovely venue of Bank Of Ireland Grand Canal Startup Workbench

• Complimentary drink & nibbles


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