Bank of Ireland, Dublin 2


Wed Feb 10 18:00



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Business BoostCamp - Personality Insights for Optimal Performance

Do you want to find out more about yourself and your personality and how you can use that knowledge to work better with other people? Then come to this FREE workshop! Understanding your own personality, strengths, weaknesses and preferred communication style makes relationships and communication between you and others better. And smoother communication in turn makes it more easy to achieve goals and get things done, both in business and in your personal life.


18h00 Welcoming and opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs

18h30 Workshop SHARP start

20h00 Wrap up and time to leave for after workshop drinks at own cost in a bar nearby

At this highly interactive February BoostCamp you will gain a greater understanding of the easy to understand colour based Insights Discovery model and how it can be used not just to build high performance individuals, but also high-performing teams.

What should you expect?

Using the Insights Discovery Model as a basis, you will gain a greater understanding of improved interaction and communication, high-performance through enhanced team effectiveness and more positive outcomes for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations. Specifically, the discussion will focus on:

o Teams and team dynamics

o How personality and self-awareness can play a key role in driving team performance

o The impact of a leader and leadership on teams

The impact of a high-performing individual or leader can be visible to all, yet is the need for high performance is often taken for granted in organisations. This is especially so in start-ups and young, entrepreneurial organisations where the contribution by each team member is clear and obvious. Yet when it comes to teams the dynamics which lead to high performance can be harder to understand, to measure and to influence.

Laurence Knell is a Senior Consultant with Insights Ireland. He has 15 years’ experience working in the consultancy, technology and transportation sectors in Ireland, Europe and Australia and has a track record of delivering organizational change, strategic realignment and business growth both as a consultant and as a manager within organizations.

Laurie has extensive experience as a Leadership, Management and Team Building facilitator, and Management Coach. He specialises in working with business professionals, senior business leaders and their teams, helping them in setting and achieving worthwhile business goals.

Normally Laurie works with giving workshops in larger corporations, but now exceptionally he will give a workshop specially designed to the needs of entrepreneurs. Don't miss out!

In 2016 EntAnon and B.U.I.L.D (Businesses United for Innovation, Learning, Development) we offer our members BoostCamp:

• free

• 90 minute workshop aiming to boost your business

• successful entrepreneurs share 3 hands-on tips on how you can improve your business based on their area of expertise.

• every 2nd Wednesday evening each month

• Bank Of Ireland Grand Canal

• Complimentary drink & nibble


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