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How finding a co-founder saved my business

Are you a budding entrepreneur or new business owner? Come along and join us for a Last Tuesday with Entrepreneurs Anonymous!

Surround yourself with a circle of likeminded people. Experienced entrepreneurs as speakers will inspire and help you with your road to success!

Do you need a co-founder? If so, how will you find one? How do you even begin to look for one? The format of this event is a discussion and Q&A with some experienced co-founders on the successes and failures they have encountered with finding and and working with their co-founders. Let's learn from their stories about what we should look for in a co-founder (hint: its may not all be about the skill set!). We will then have some time for some purposeful networking based on they types of needs among attendees. You will have an opportunity to let us know in advance what type of skills/values/ambitions you are looking to match.


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