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Why We Love Experimenting - And Why You Will Too

Are you a budding entrepreneur or new business owner? Come along and join us for a Last Tuesday with Entrepreneurs Anonymous!

At this Meetup we will learn about how experimenting using Lean Methodology can work for your business

Surround yourself with a circle of like minded people. Experienced entrepreneurs as speakers will inspire and help you with your road to success!

April's Topic is 'Why We Love Experimenting And Why You Will Too'

Experimenting is a big part of  Google, Facebook, Amazon' philosophy, but how can new small startups apply test and learn practices to innovate ?

Jeff Bezos, Amazon: “You need to set up and organize so that you can do as many experiments per unit of time as possible.'

How often do you test and learn in your business? Do you regularly experiment as part of your work? A/B testing? subject lines ? language and colour on tabs?

Speakers Just Announced for April 24th Event

Koren Stark
Koren is an Agile Coach and Manager at The Dock - Accenture's innovation centre. She focuses on how teams work to enable the culture that allows innovators do what they do best - effectively collaborate across disciplines to ideate and research around a customer or issue, and from those insights create innovative solutions. A year ago, Koren moved to Dublin from Seattle, Washington where she worked on agile teams as a test engineer and/or agile project manager for startup projects within bigger organisations as well as consulting for actual start-ups. In her spare time she is exploring Ireland and other European countries.

Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting has been doing social media since it was invented.
One of Ireland's leading social media consultants, she is listed by LinkedIn in the top 1%.
Recently named as one of the top 50 marketers, she will share her process on how she adopts a continuous experimentation approach for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Coral Movasseli is the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Dublin, a dedicated platform for women-in-tech and entrepreneurs. A techie problem solver at heart, Coral co-founded a mobile transit app for Toronto’s transportation system to make it easier for users to get to their destinations on time.

Passionate about changing the world, Coral started her career on route to becoming a Canadian diplomat. After completing her Masters of Science at the London School of Economics, her trajectory redirected her to working in financial services and advising large private equity funds in London. Since she’s worked to help companies across sectors including cleantech, manufacturing, and healthcare.


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