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What I Wish I Would Have Known When I Started Out...

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Hear stories from two entrepreneurs sharing what they wish they would have known when they started out...


• 6h30 Warm welcome and opportunity to get a networking head start

• 7h00 EntAnon intro​ 

• 7h10 ​Speaker 1​ (Martina)

• 7h​30 BREAK ​

• 7​h​45 ​Speaker 2 (Garret) 

• ​8h​05 ​Unpitch 

• 8h​15 Spark2Start Early Stage Startup event Update

• 8h20 Networking 

Join us for entrepreneurial talks which will inspire your process on becoming a successful entrepreneur followed by fun networking with likeminded people.


Martina Quinn has 15 years’ experience in the communications industry. Having honed her skills in political, charity and agency roles, she founded her own PR company, Alice PR & Events, in July 2015. Alice now has a staff team of six, working to connect clients with target audiences through media relations, online communications and creative events. Current clients include Career Zoo, the Higher Education Authority, WellFest, the Irish Research Council and Dress for Success Dublin, amongst others.

At this event, Martina will share what she’s learned from starting and growing her own PR business over the past 12 months. In particular, she will focus on the value of good networks, starting up on a shoestring, finding excellent employees, and the importance of having trustworthy service-providers.

You can follow Martina and AlicePR on Twitter: @MartinaPQuinn @HelloAlicePR

Garret Flower, co-founder Krüst & ParkPnP

Garret is busy with not just one but two businesses. He co-founded Krüst Bakery straight out of business school and now he is also involved with ParkPnP.

What learnings did Garret bring from his first startup to his second? What did he avoid? Don't miss out on this Last Tuesday talk by this experienced startuper.

Krüst Bakery is a Smart Cafe (with Free WiFi, wireless charging, ordering via app and Bitcoin) and Bakery. Krüst is famous for Cronuts and organic Nitro-Coffee.

Parkpnp is a marketplace that allows people to list, advertise and then generate income from their unused or underutilized parking spaces.

Unpitch with Garrett Cassidy, founder Trezeo

One of our long time members Garrett Cassidy is launching his new business; Trezeo, which provides financial tools for freelancers and sharing economy workers. He will present his progress with Trezeo tonight in an unpitch. 

Unpitch: A 10-minute session for entrepreneurs interested in connecting with fellow entrepreneurs. Unpitch is a chance to explore your business idea in a casual, no-pressure environment; practice your pitch in a compressed 5-minute presentation and get feedback and questions for another 5 minutes that will help you get to the next stage. It's not about delivering an elevator pitch onstage or a "demo day" presentation, or trying to grab a few seconds with an angel investor or potential customer.

Ray Walshe, organizer Spark2Start

Ray will share the latest on Spark2Start, a 1-day event providing information that helps Early Stage Startups set up. 

This Last Tuesday is hosted by Zalando Fashion Insights Centre aiming to understand fashion through technology.

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