The Mercantile, Dublin


Tue Jan 26 18:30



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How to power up your passion for a great year of entrepreneurship!

Power up your passion for a great year of entrepreneurship and join in at the 2016 kick-off Last Tuesday. As speakers we have someone with 142 000 Twitter followers, a guy​ ​taking salads to the next level and a lady asking​ ​"What would you choose if you couldn’t lose?"​. ​Logistics expert Bassey will also do an un-pitch about his new idea.


•  18h30 Welcome and meet other entrepreneurs 

• 19h00 Kick Off by Silviu and Max

• 19h05 Bassey Duke shares an idea for small businesses to get more buying power in the un-pitch. 

• 19h10 Laurence O'Bryan & Tanja Slijepčević sharing secrets for consistent passion & entrepreneurship

• 19h30 Shane Ryan on beating the lunch box blues, day after day 

• 19h50 Break

• 20h10 Shiera O'Brien will talk about questions in the world of selling and business 

• 20h30 Swipe Summit -  get a chance to win a ticket for the Swipe Summit, where you can learn all about digital strategies, meet EntAnon and our friends; the Pundit Arena founders.

• 20h45 The usual fun, Entanon style mingling with likeminded new, aspiring and experienced mix of entrepreneurs over a lovely glass of wine or beer. 

Laurence O'Bryan is the founder of, a book promotion service, which helps writers get discovered through social media. Laurence is also an author with three books internationally published by Harper Collins. On top of that he is a trainer in digital marketing with 142 000 followers on Twitter. 

The site manager of BooksGoSocial Tanja Slijepčević will join Laurence on stage and they will share with us their secrets for consistent passion & entrepreneurship!

FEED, healthy lunch salads delivered in Dublin 2, was launched a few months ago by Shane Ryan, a young hospitality graduate.  

With FEED Shane wants to challenge the traditional concept of the salad and to bring fun and variety to the lunch hour, helping Dublin’s health conscious professionals escape the lunch box blues. 

He is doing everything by himself (for now) and will share lessons learned on how to stay motivated when launching a business and how to keep going. 

Shane was part of the EntAnon stand at the Websummit 2015 and brought over many curious people to try out his wonderful salads served from his delivery bike

"What would you choose if you couldn’t lose?" our third speaker of the night is asking. 

What if your business could expand beyond what you thought possible in 2016?  In this 15-minute talk Shiera shares insights on why the quality of your business and life is determined by the questions you ask yourself. You will learn some powerful questions to ask you and your business every day in this 15 minute talk, and change how you see and run your business in 2016.

Shiera O’Brien runs, speaks and writes about sales and business with passion and enthusiasm. Her true passion is coaching and asking questions inside the world of selling and business. She has worked as a coach, trainer and speaker for 15 years and is always willing to share what she knows about selling that can change the way people do business. She works with companies willing and ready to take a look at how they sell and explore the unasked questions companies don’t ask themselves. She has trained international sales teams across Ireland, Europe and Australia. Are you ready to learn how questions can change your business in 2016?  

The entrepreneurial logistics professional and supply chain manager Bassey Duke is thinking of starting a business in Dublin. He will do an un-pitch and present an idea he has for SMEs to be more profitable: A sort of procurement club where the combined buying power would negotiate reduced prices for all members of the club. 

Join the first Entrepreneurs Anonymous Last Tuesday night in 2016 for new off-the-record entrepreneurial insights, inspiration and the usual fun casual networking over a pint of the dark stuff. 


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