The Mercantile, Dublin


Tue Oct 27 18:30



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How to become a powerful influencer and bring about change!

Want to be a powerful influencer, get your ideas listened too? Come along and join us for EA and surround yourself with your Entanon friends, we will have three great presentations that will inspire and help you with your process of  becoming influential. Powerful stuff!

Samantha Magee Founder of 'Symposium Learning'  is a qualified Training & Development Executive with 20-year experience in Direct Marketing and Research. She helps her clients to create Learning Opportunities to encourage harmonious and productive work environments.  Tonight she will share some easy to apply skills on how to powerfully deliver your message and leave an lasting and influential impression on your audience.

Lye Ogunsanya Social Entrepreneur and advocate of the Citizen Sector,  he is the CEO and Co-founder of The House of AKI-NA a Social Enterprise lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering migrant women through design.  Part of the DCU Student Team who won the Enactus All Ireland Universities Social Entrepreneurship Competition in 2013 and represented Ireland at the World stage with universities from across the globe.

Brendan Murphy is founder of Brendan has years of being an influencer in a world on influencers. He will share his approach and understanding of influence and will prompt you into reflection and change. In the past Brendan secured business and political support for large regeneration programmes, as well as Business Innovation Centre approaches, which were supported by a group of Universities and big business, including the late, great, Sir John Harvey Jones...arguably the father of modern day business consultancy and media based business leadership.

More details to follow..


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