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Tue Nov 28 18:30



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Laser Sharp Customer Focus - Lessons from Hospitality Experts

Stellar customer service is especially important when working in the hospitality business. 

The multi billion dollar hospitality industry primary areas are: Accommodation, food and beverage, travel and tourism.

Are you dreaming about a business in the hospitality industry? Or are you already busy with one? Don't miss out on this evening with hospitality experts and entrepreneurs sharing their best tips. 


Margaret Boland Revenue growth specialist, profit planner, positive strategic thinker, sales & marketing professional, business mentor & tourism consultant 

After over 18 years working in executive and management roles in the commercial arena Margaret established Bofin Consultancy to help businesses who struggle with Marketing, profit planning and strategy. She has a record of success and award winning clients. 

Mags works with clients in Ireland, UK and Sweden, with Tourism & hospitality, food, construction, SMEs, professional services, start-ups and business support organisations.

Margaret will share her 3 super secrets to planning for profit and share her experiences working with Customer Service Excellence with her hospitality clients. 

More speakers will be announced soon! 


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