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How To Build Your Business Around Your Passion

Looking to become an entrepreneur or be a better business owner? Come along and join us for a Last Tuesday with Entrepreneurs Anonymous! This time it is almost last Tuesday due to Halloween.

Surround yourself with a circle of like minded people. Experienced entrepreneurs as speakers will inspire and help you with your road to success!


Brendan Joseph is a designer, a  weaver and an artist, creating woven stories to wear. Brendan has developed his own unique weaving methodologies to distil the beauty of Ireland into bow-ties, neckties, scarves and shawls. His items are crafted by hand in Dublin.

Learn what Brendan wish he would have known when he started out crafting a business out of his passion

Brendan's advice for people who are ready to start but don't know it are:

1. Find a balance: In all business cash flow is everything, in small business, looking after your health is everything,​ and​ in creative business, ​inspiration and ​vision is everything, manage your burn rate​ across all three and you'll survive.​

2. Know what you want before you kick off with any project.

3. Start where you are. You don't need ten thousand apps and services, or machines. learn as you go - there's mentoring, meet ups, courses and online training all there to help you.

4. With production equipment, try before you buy

Helena Gilhooly, the ex Motorola employee turned mother turned jewellery making entrepreneur will share her journey into making custom jewellery and the popular angel charms. She used Facebook groups to get traction and tried attending big events. They completely failed her, swallowing a big part of the budget on the way. But with two strikes of luck with the help of A Dublin GAA Fan page and a famous bride to be she got up on her feet again.

Her tips for aspiring entrepreneurs is to check the free resources offered by LEO, BAP, PLATO. She also advices to get a mentor in early, join business groups for women and mentions Womens Inspire Network being of huge help. And "network, network, network and don't be afraid to step outside the comfort zone, she says.

Intern Group

And for you who is running a fast-growing, ambitious small and medium sized business looking to hire interns. The Intern Group ( will come to this Last Tuesday and tell how about they recruit interns from top universities across the globe, and from all academic disciplines - and how you can recruit one - cost free.

Our previously announced speaker Aidan Duff will be rescheduled due to a unexpected travel.


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