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Tue Apr 25 18:30



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Going Big - Entrepreneurs Anonymous 6th Anniversary!

Celebrating our 6th Anniversary we have invited an International speaker, a true startup expert from Italy with plenty of Silicon Valley insights: Alberto Onetti

Possessing an uncommon integration of academic knowledge, executive leadership, and real-world business acumen Alberto will give the following talk:

How Corporates can work with Startups

Alberto Onetti is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with core competences in corporate strategy and finance. He founded Funambol with Fabrizio Capobianco. Alberto is a Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, and also serves as Chairman and President of Mind the Bridge offers e.g Startup School, a 2-week+ program tailored to startups/entrepreneurs taking place in the Silicon Valley. 

In 2014 he was selected by the European Commission to help drive the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP). In this talk he'll talk about his work with SEP and Mind the Bridge describing Ways Corporates can Work with a Startup: Investing, Acquiring, or Partnering.

High Potential Startups and Going International

Tom Early is the Department Manager of HPSU Start. High growth potential start-ups (HPSUs) are companies that, in the view of Enterprise Ireland, can develop innovative technologies, products and services for sale on world markets. 

Tom has over 16 years of experience working with companies to achieve scale. He has a strong track record in assisting companies to develop and implement their growth strategy. 

He will share stories of Irish HPSU companies who found international customers successfully.

More details to follow.


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