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Tue Apr 30 19:00



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Interactive Entrepreneurial Business Book Club session

Because we entrepreneurial people love reading business books Entrepreneurs Anonymous partners with Entrepreneurial Business Book Club (EBBC) for this Last Tuesday event.

Expect an interesting, introspective and practical session to discuss learning!

We will figure out how to apply certain concepts in the real world, share personal experiences and generate new ideas

Questions we'll discuss:
1. How do you learn? How do you make time for learning as a busy entrepreneur?
2. Do you remember something you read in a book that you've applied to your business, and it had a positive effect?

Every month the members of the EBBC get together in Gent & Belgium. For more information, check this link:

More about Entrepreneurs Anonymous Last Tuesday events:

Join for relaxed networking with friendly new and not so new business owners - and learn how to start & run your business better. We usually meet every last Tuesday of the month somewhere in the city centre of Ghent.

The events are always in English and attract a diverse crowd aspiring, new and not so new business owners, from various countries, backgrounds and industries. You'll always meet people from outside of your normal 'circle' and go home with new inspiration, knowledge & ideas.

Between the meetings, we are active in the FB group which you can join here:

More info to follow!


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