Coughlans, Cork


Wed Feb 17 19:00



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How to create storytelling business with revenue over 1m? Success of ThinkVisual

Fellow entrepreneurs!

You are very welcomed to join our informal networking event on the 17th @7pm in bar Coughlans! This time we will have Naomi Fein, the founder of Think Visual, telling about her success story - creating an innovative business that helps multinationals to communicate clearly through visual storytelling. Naomi grew Think Visual in only two years from zero to a revenue with 7 figures and employs currently 10 people (still growing rapidly). Besides, you will be able to meet and to talk to fellow entrepreneurs sharing your business experiences and advices.

About the speaker: Naomi Fein is the founder and CEO of Think Visual. 2015 Network Ireland Cork Businesswoman of the Year award winner. She is a fast creative thinker, who after over 15 years of illustration and design work, combined with group facilitation, has the ability to capture abstract knowledge and transform it into clear visual outputs on the spot. Through her new company, she and her team work closely with influential thinkers and leaders of global companies. Helping them to visualise complex ideas found in varied areas such as finance, technology, pharma, science, leadership, culture and others. Their impressive visual outputs help make the knowledge memorable, actionable and shareable. 

Looking forward to meet you!



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