Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue May 30 19:00



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Challenge = Business Opportunity?

Welcome to Last Tuesday, the probably cosiest Entrepreneur evening in Gent! Expect to get insights from experienced business founders sharing their story of how it was like when they started out. And enjoy the lively networking over a pint afterwards.  

On the last Tuesday in May, we open the floor for one of our own: Petra Neyt. Come and learn about how her challenging experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it helped her find her path as an entrepreneur.

Petra Neyt, a member of Entrepreneurs Anonymous, has come full circle. From a full-time job, through burn-out and then rebuilding herself as a well-being trainer for companies, she has found her calling as a coach for entrepreneurs.

“Our culture is monopolised by the rational mind, and monopolies are never good,” she says on her website. She fights this monopoly by helping entrepreneurs to turn to their bodies for advice. She combines functional yoga and coaching methods to guide entrepreneurs to sustainable and long-term solutions. In the time of ‘werkbaar werk’ and Chief Happiness Officers, the seemingly rational business world is finally ready to embrace a more holistic approach.

Find Petra online, LinkedIn and on Facebook.


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