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Escape the Golden Cage

At this Last Tuesday, you will hear the story of how Daan Moreels escaped the golden cage of corporate employment, to deciding not to follow his passion for photography, and ending up as a co-founder for tech startup Cloudalize. Cloudalize raised 3M euro so far in investment and grew the team from 3 people to 15 in 2 years. After 4 years, Daan decided to leave Cloudalize to work on new ventures.

Beyond hearing the story of Daan you are welcome to tap into his experiences in the Q&A session and ask him questions around startup topics (see below!)

The first event of the year is special, we will not be in the pub! This time Last Tuesday is hosted by the new offices of Net-ICT, the business owned by the Entrepreneurs Anonymous member Eric De Boeck. There will be some complimentary drinks and snacks! And of course the usual cosy, informal networking with various entrepreneurs!


-Finding a co-founder and building a team (fyi understand where you are good at and how to look for specific roles that are complementary). What’s important when starting out with a team.

-Difficulties that you can expect when building a startup

-Personal development: Why surrounding yourself with the right people matters

-Alternative ways of funding

-Time management: How working with virtual assistants can make you more effective.

-Opportunities for freelancers to go from selling your time to selling a product

-Why ideas don’t matter: Idea vs. execution

-Building a product and finding your first customer

-Vision and 5-year plans: Thinking big - but not too big! (the clue here is that there are no such things as 5-year plans in a fast moving world. But I agree that a one - two year plan will be required when you have enough certainty about your product/market fit.

You can check out his blog for startups: and his photogaphy at


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