Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Nov 29 19:00



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Welcome to Last Tuesday, the probably cosiest Entrepreneur evening in Gent! Expect to get insights from experienced business founders sharing their story of how it was like when they started out. 


19h00 - Welcome  19h30 - Entrepreneur Talk 

20h15 - 22h:ish Networking with other new and aspiring business owners from all over the world...

Christophe Collette inherited his love of helping people with their eyesight from his parents, so it came as no surprise that he took over their optician's store Optiek Collette in the station neighbourhood. He continues the 45 years of the family tradition in his own way - innovative and passionate. In his own words - 'It's not work, I'm just having fun!'

Katrien Goeman started out in a different career but was then swayed by her husband's passion and is now his "partner in crime": whether it is going to New York for an inspiration trip, or finding a way to sell high-end glasses with an oversized shipment of Cecemel.

Are you curious how this couple keeps their entrepreneurial fire going? Join us on the Last Tuesday event on 29th November and find out!

More info about their business:


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