Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Oct 25 19:00



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How To Run A Tech Business In 2 Countries - The Story of Pronovix

Welcome to Last Tuesday, the probably cosiest Entrepreneur evening in Gent! Expect to get insights from experienced business founders sharing their story of how it was like when they started out. 

The speakers of this Last Tuesday are Kristof Van Tomme and Laura Vass, the co-founders of Pronovix, a Drupal engineering company for 10 years. Kristof is also known as the organizer of Bootcircle in Ghent, and the Write The Docs and API meetups in London. He is a documentation & lean startup geek, Drupal strategist & architect. 

Laura came in as a chemist and tech-translator and is now the leader of the technical documentation team - but you may know her from her Ghentangles group too. 

Pronovix was founded back when both Kristof and Laura worked in the biotech industry and has come a long way since - which is what they will talk about. How to personally run a business in 2 different countries and how they tackled challenges as both business- and life partners. 


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