Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Mar 22 19:00



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Entrepreneurship in Europe

This Tuesday evening you can discover an opportunity to get international perspectives either by taking your business abroad or hosting someone foreign at your business. Meet also Andrei Neagu and learn about his experiences in living in one country while running businesses in another.

Perhaps you did an Erasmus exchange when you were studying. You lived abroad for a few months, got introduced to a new country and culture somewhere in Europe while going to university, and you learned a lot. Did you know you can do an Erasmus as a young Entrepreneur too?

Diána Páti, the European Project coordinator working at will join the March Last Tuesday event and tell about the EU exchange programme, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (young means your business is young and new (max 3 years), not necessarily that you are young). Díana will also bring along a young entrepreneur, Evelien de Bruyne, who can share info about the application process, as she went through it herself.

In short it works like: if you can't go abroad yourself, but you see benefits in swapping skills, knowledge and a new perspective by hosting a new entrepreneur from abroad, you sign up a host entrepreneur. Or you sign up as a new entrepreneur. Once you get accepted, your details get put in a database where you can scroll through all candidates. If there is a match and you move forward you get as a new entrepreneur a partial funding for your stay per month by the EU for the exchange period of 3-9 months. The host does not need to pay salary or accommodation.

Diana works with startups and has a lot of knowledge about support on what the EU can do for starting businesses. If you have any questions prior to the event, please send them on to [email protected] and we'll include it in the event.

Last but not least, Andrei Neagu will share his experiences this time as a european entrepreneur (last time at Entrepreneurs Anonymous Andrei was the facilitator of the Business Model Canvas Workshop), Andrei is originally from Romania but lives now in Belgium.

He is the co-founder of not just one, but two businesses: Lana Juice, a start-up that provides students summer jobs and brings a different standard in the healthy/ fresh juice market in Romania; the second business is called GreenITapp, an app implementing IoT solutions to decrease of energy consumption. You can read more about Andrei and his quest to the next business venture, Stronaut here.

After the talk we'll have, as always, lots of casual networking with likeminded entrepreneurs.


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