Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Nov 24 19:00



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Teams and founding companies: Last Tuesday Entrepreneur Talk & Networking Drink

You are again welcome Last Tuesday, to enjoy a drink in the Irish pub Patrick Foley's while listening to seasoned entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and mingling with people who really undertstands the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Last month we had our first event and learned from three speakers about hitchhiking to happiness, doing what you love and hire slow - fire fast. Both the talks and the networking part afterward raised some concerns about doing business with other people. That is why the theme is partnering up and our speakers Wim and Fanuel will tell about teams and founding companies. You can read more about Wim & Fanuel below.

You should come to a Last Tuesday event if you: 

• ever thought about starting a business. Here is a place where all questions (also in English) are welcome. It feels great to talk with other people in the same situation

• need advice, help, referrals. Most entrepreneurs are a very friendly bunch wishing nothing but success for each other 

• as an experienced entrepreneur enjoy paying it forward with advice you wish you would have known when you started out. You might alse get inspiration and ideas for new projects. 

The first event was featured in Flanders Today; here you can read the article:

Wim Forceville has been an entrepreneur for a while, co-founding the cross media production Belgian company Fisheye in 2004. Fisheye uses various physical and digital ways to show off their customers. 

Fisheye has developed a unique ecosystem with 4 interdependent true shareholders working both together and separately to offer holistic, cross media solutions or specific services tailored to the needs of the client,

So before you go off and start on your own or decide to work with a partner, RSVP and learn more from Wim sharing about a different way to do business. 

Fanuel Dewever is a Product Founder Fit (PFV). Fanuel Dewever is also a Founder and CEO of duo start-ups and Growth Architects. As a serial entrepreneur and growth coach for start-ups and scale ups Fanuel has experienced his share of Founder and co-founder questions and challenges.

Fanuel invites you to connect via


6:30 Doors open, grab a drink, start mingling and take your seat

7:00 Wim tells about how Fisheye was founded with Q&A

7:40 Break

7:50 In this session, Fanuel with Talk about finding your Product Founder Fit, the match between your lean start-up idea and the team to move it forward.

8:30 Fun networking with other starting entrepreneurs 



• What is the dress code?Casual. Come as you feel comfortable; suit? - Ok! Jeans & T-shirt? Also Ok!  

• What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? The pub is located across the canal opposite of the court house (Justitiepaleis) near the main shopping street Veldstraat. For people coming by train to Gent: Take tram 1 (stop Kouter) or 22 (stop Zonnestraat) from St. Pieterstation. Parking:

• Where can I contact the organizer with any [email protected]

• Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No, just yourself. And maybe a friend who has been talking about starting his/her own business? 


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