Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue May 29 19:30



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How this Interiour Architecht Adjusted to The Market & Doubled Her Turnover

This interior designer & architect is doing more than fluffing pillows as she is transforming work spaces for companies.

At this Last Tuesday event Katya Rablova will share her entrepreneur experience in a short talk in English.

Katya has been busy increasing employee productivity and happiness with better office design for a few years now, going from 80 000€ in turnover to a 260 000€ last year, and planning to double it at the end of this year.

This lady went from Czech to New York to learn English and find a career. She ended up coming to Belgium with an impressive degree and fresh perspectives.

It wasn't easy at the start, but with plenty of trials & errors, hard work and thinking big she is on the road to success with her workspace and interiour design company Space Refinery.

Join to learn:
- what she wishes she would have avoided when she started out
- how she had to completely pivot her offering to adjust to the market
- why she thinks it is important to have a mission and thinking big in order to earn more
- how to set up your workspace for inspiration & productivity

And of course, meet new interesting business contacts by our relaxed networking with friendly, diverse, new and not so new business owners in the nice atmosphere of an Irish pub.


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