Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Apr 24 19:30



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How to Use Business to Make the World a Better Place

Meet Jacob Bosaer, a world traveller, social entreprenuer and the founder of BOSAQ, a company tackling the problem of access to clean water this Last Tuesday. They are developing a water treatment system that converts salt, brackish and fresh water into drinking water, solely using renewable energy.

In addition, BOSAQ also provides consultancy in the field of integrated water management and wastewater treatment & reuse, helping customers to save water and money.

Come and hear how this engineer came up with the idea of BOSAQ during his water cleaning projects in Antarctica and Latin America.

Learn also how he and his co-founder created a sustainable business model - and still manage to donate 10% of their profit to Water Heroes, a self-managed non-profit organization that offers our products to those who need it the most.

And of course - you can enjoy the nice networking amongst friendly entreprenurs.


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