Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Jan 30 19:00



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Don't Just Start a Business, Solve A Problem with entrepreneur Filip Roose

Join us the first Last Tuesday session of 2018. Meet with like minded people in the laid back atmosphere of an Irish pub, while learning from a real entrepreneur we invite as a guest speaker. The talk is in English.

This Last Tuesday Filip Roose, CEO Fit Things nv, is our speaker.

What you will learn:

• Why it is better to stay away from hypes and trends. Instead, solve a problem. Be difficult to copy.

• How to have many ideas, passions and projects at the same time

• How to do business with your family

He has always been keen on new technologies. He was the Director of the Belgian Bitcoin Association 2014-2015, while experimenting with 3D printers.

The last two years he has been the CEO of Fit Things nv ( offering packaging solutions, a company he runs with his father and brother.

They invented the now patented Slimbox (, a smart packaging machine for custom-made and perfect-fit cardboard boxes for both smaller businesses and large facilities.


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