Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Oct 27 18:30



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How to take the leap - from employment to entrepreneurship

Welcome to listen to 3 entrepreneurs sharing their experiences on how they transitioned from employment to do their own thing.  After that you can mingle with other entrepreneurs in the relaxed setting of a pub. Participate in the first Entrepreneurs Anonymous - Last Tuesday event ever in Gent and Belgium. 

Hit the RSVP button and come to learn from the experiences of:

David Mellett- a former strategist in the financial sector and now promoting collaborative economy with his business Economy2dot0. 

Bert Van den Broeck - a fresh owner of Alph Studios, his own company in animated video production.

An Beazar - founder of EnProve, helping companies with energy management


6:30 Doors open, grab a drink, start mingling and take your seat

7:00 An talks about tackling big players

7:20 Bert tells about the choice of partnering up or going his own way

7:40 Break

7:50 David shares his journey to a kinder way of entrepreneurship

8:10 Q&A with all 3 entrepreneurs 

8:30 Fun networking with other starting entrepreneurs 

The talks are in English and the networking in any language you prefer

Speaker bio:

David Mellett: Collaborative Economy Expert 

David worked in the financial sector in Belgium since 1998. He had a wide variety of management positions in program management, marketing, strategy & business development. He experienced both the benefits of building communities around products & services, as well as the challenges of managing complex business ecosystems when he was working for a global co-operative .

Since February 2014, David decided to transition his skills, knowledge and experience towards the collaborative economy. With Economy2dot0 he wants to promote the development of a more collaborative economy, particularly in Belgium, using crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and open innovation as tools to achieve that goal to support start-ups and small & medium enterprises and to build communities around their businesses using those tools. 

David believes change is about risk mitigation and in his own transition he discovered 4 key factors for success: Time, Risk, Money and Wellbeing.

RSVP to the event to hear more of David's experience!  

Bert Van den Broeck: Founder Alph Studios

After closing down his T-shirt company and starting to work at Ikea restricting his high ambitions Bert realized he needed to nurture his entrepreneurial soul. He started working for the start-up Seeq as a copy writer and employee number 3. 

After getting a chance to become partner he decided to go his own way and founded Alph Studios serving companies with animated video production. 

Come and listen to Bert and learn more about how it is important to get out of your room to talk about your business as the customer's will not find you, you need to get to them. 

An Beazar: Founder and director of Enprove

After An finished her studies in engineering (and music?) she worked a while as a consultant while researching what the industry needed in energy management. 

For the last 5 years An and her team in Enprove have been dedicated to help large companies to reduce costs by managing their energy use more efficiently. She has worked hard to as a small company provide a differentiated service in an industry with many big players. 

An shares a lesson for starting entrepreneurs about being intimidated by large companies either as a client or competitor: "Once you've found your unique focus, you'll be building something that will excite your future customers. And isn't this our reason to exist?" 

Take part of the event and get more tips from An on how to tackle self-doubt as a starting entrepreneur

Can't make it? Interested in starting your own company or growing it? Check out our next event, the last Tuesday in November where Wim will talk about his unique way of partnering up. 


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