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Tue Jul 30 18:00



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Option Trade Club Introduction with Steve Rigby (Hong Kong)

This is a private event in Dublin, open to members only.

This July we have a special guest - coming from Hong Kong, Steve Rigby will introduce the basics of options trading, risk management and the benefits of joining the Option Trade Club.

>> Should a private investor consider options?
>> A simple method to buy publicly traded stocks at a discount
>> Generate a return regardless of market movements
>> Find trades returning 2-3% over the next 40-50 days
>> D4 - double your money in 4 years
>> Manage trade risks using hedge fund strategies

Steve Rigby is an options trader, international teacher and philanthropist. He combines his passion for mathematics (18+ years with the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong as Learning Director and Head of Mathematics) with trading and charity. Here are a few highlights from his career:

Interactive Brokers — Options Trader

Currently providing Enhanced Portfolio Returns [EPR] through the systematic management of non-correlated ETF and stock underlyings with predictable price patterns, probability and implied volatility based trading strategies in conjunction with industry expertise and analysis.
Private trader with seventeen years experience of trading stocks, metals, commodities and options across global markets.

Option Trade Club (previously — Founder

For the past three years at, Steve has built an online platform for HNW individuals and financial professionals to collaborate around building a collective knowledge and strategy framework around options trading strategies to match personal risk-reward preferences.
The launch in Europe coincides with rebranding to Option Trade Club. Membership is expected to reach over 2,000 active users by the end of 2019.

Options for Heroes — Non-profit Founder

This non-profit organisation is dedicated to supporting military and emergency services personnel through financial education and training.

The Young Hedge Fund Manager Program — Founder

The program is introducing undergraduate and postgraduate students to fund management and options trading strategies.
Steve has been an international educator for the past nineteen years teaching Mathematics to students aged 11-18 years in one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious schools and in his spare time he educates students and HNW individuals in options trading strategies.

Trading Naked for Nepal — Event Organiser

Steve promoted and provided support for the Child Welfare Scheme HK charity in the wake of the Nepalese earthquake disaster in 2015.
As an international educator devoted to learning, teaching and building options trading strategies compatible with risk preference, technical, fundamental and macro hypotheses, Steve used his reach and personal network of high net worth individuals to raise awareness and provide financial help long after the earthquake aftermath.


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