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Tue May 28 18:00



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LAUNCH event: Food & (single) Entrepreneur Pairing - Vietnam edition

- Do you love food & travelling?

- Are you entrepreneurial?

- Are you single, and between the age of 35 and 45?

If yes: Join for a cosy evening to discover food in Vietnam a la Mundo Rico. Have a chance to meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend. Or at least get some new business contacts!

Tickets: (no access without Eventbrite ticket)

On the menu:

- Vietnamese Noodle Soup
- Spring rolls
- Banana pancakes
Drinks: Bubbly, red/white wine, beer + alcohol-free options

This event is for hetero and there will be an equal amount of men & women

The cooking workshop takes place at Teamleader's kitchen in Dok Noord. Teamleader offers software and service to run a smoother business.


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