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How To Get More Customers With LinkedIn - for entrepreneurs & freelancers

No customers. No business. How can you stay top of mind of your customers?

Imagine easily reaching thousands of your current & potential customers. For FREE.
By using LinkedIn the right way this is possible to achieve.
In this workshop, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to get more customers.

Right now 3,208,092 Belgian professionals have a profile on LinkedIn. And more are joining each day! Are you throwing opportunities away by not using LinkedIn to its full advantage?

Sign up for this workshop now! Only 12 spots are available. The last workshop was sold out. Get your ticket via Eventbrite: - RSVP:ing on Meetup is not enough to access the workshop.

This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs & freelancers who have a profile on LinkedIn but would like to learn how to be more active and use the platform more effectively.

It's not recommended for complete beginners.

In this interactive and practical workshop, you will learn how to:

• Optimise your profile - making your LinkedIn profile your sales page. You will actually tweak your profile during the workshop, meaning you should bring your laptop!

• Find & get more and better connections - and what to do to turn them into a customer. Learn if Sales Navigator & Premium is worth it for you.

• Write & share engaging content that will get the attention of your prospects.

Did you know only 1% of all Internet users create content? Be exceptional and start creating yours NOW. Even if you don't have time, have nothing to say or are scared to share and be judged. Learn how by joining the How To Get More Customers With LinkedIn-workshop before all the seats are taken.

Extra benefits:

Enjoy also networking with fellow entrepreneurs & freelancers and a visit to the new co-working & co-cooking space Foodies Arena.

Regular tea, coffee & cookies are included in the ticket price.

For an extra 10€ you can order lunch via Fitchen and enjoy it together with the other workshop attendees, select this option when you buy your ticket.

The workshop host, Jenny Björklöf, is more than a normal LinkedIn trainer. She walks the talk. She uses LinkedIn as her main marketing channel as a freelancer & business owner just like you - and shares what has worked for her, through trial and error after posting on LinkedIn daily for more than a year. Her posts get thousands of views and a lot of engagement - and most of all - people reach out to work with her. She has 4000+ meaningful connections & has top 1% LinkedIn SSI ranks in her industry.

Instead of theoretical information, you will get practical tips and actionable advice with real-life examples which shows how you can immediately start using LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your own company.


Mike Louagie, maritime photographer:

"A year ago I registered for Jenny Bjorklof 's LinkedIn workshop

I have ever since been using my LI profile to expand my business, and it has worked. This week a video even went viral, with more than 30k views and generating more than 60 new contacts. (and running)

Thank you Jenny!"


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