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Improve Your Profile & Get More Engagement - LinkedIn Workshop

• What we'll do
This is a LinkedIn Workshop (in English) tailored to entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers who wants to use LinkedIn as a marketing and social selling tool. Get your 49,95€ ticket here:

In this interactive and practical workshop, you will learn, with real life examples, how to:

✔️ optimize your profile to reach your goals, building your personal brand, getting customers, or more visitors to your website.

You will actually tweak your profile during the workshop, hence you should bring your laptop! ✔️ Get more and better connections ✔️ Write & share engaging content About the trainer Jenny (LinkedIn :

I walk the talk. I only give this workshop once a month. Being a LinkedIn trainer is NOT my full time profession.

I'm a busy entrepreneur just like you who organise and promte events for a living, and I use LinkedIn to do that. At this workshop I share what works (and what doesn't) for me. I use LinkedIn every day to find clients, feedback, recommendations, collaboration opportunities and learn.
My top post so far has generated 15 000+ views with many likes and comments. I have 1600+ meaningful connections.
I am constantly experimenting with different kind of content. I analyse it, tweak it & test it again.
I've sold event tickets, received collaboration requests for projects and got contacted to do interviews for positions without even looking for a job, solely thanks to being active on LinkedIn.
I will share my methods and tactics so that you can get there too with the least amount of effort and time!
Here is what previous attendees said: "Really convenient that it was a Saturday morning as I could take the time & and not be tired after my daily work"

"It was a workshop and I got started to working on it :)" "Excellent! Thanks so much for everything. It's the small anectodes, and you personal experience that makes participating interesting" "I usually saw courses online for Facebook, so it was good to have a LinkedIn course!"


What's the refund policy?

If you cancel your attendance atleast 7 days before the event you get a full refund. You can also transfer your ticket to someone else prior to the event. Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the workshop you get your money back, but this requires that you give feedback about the session.

• What to bring

To keep the workshop at a low cost there will only be coffee, cookies and fruit provided. So do bring your own lunch if you need something more substantial.

• Important to know


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