Guinness Enterprise Center, Dublin


Mon Oct 23 19:00



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App Development: Where to start & how to finish your dream app

***This event is organised by our friends at Educated Machine, it has a small cover charge of €8.24 admin fees excl, get your tickets via - RSVP:ing on Meetup only is not enough for admission.

When mobile technology evolved from the phone to the smartphone, applications were heralded as essential tools for the future of many industries. 

If you've ever had an interest in app development but didn't know where to start, we're confident this seminar is for you. 

Book now and make your ideal app a reality.

The way we book hotels, find a restaurant, communicate with our loved ones & keep an eye on our stocks have been changed forever by the humble app. 

This isn't where the innovation cycle stops. Applications are still the future of these industries and they're the future of all other industries too, some businesses just haven't got to the party yet.

But that's ok. Educated Machine, are running a Seminar that's designed to give everybody who wants to know more about App Development everything they need to know so they can get started on the dream app they've always wanted to make.

People in business will learn how to reach their customers in fresh and dynamic ways. 

Bloggers can discover new paths to engage their audience through personalised apps. 

Anybody currently studying development or recently unleashed into the workforce will get a look into the professional process that goes into producing high quality apps. 

Educated Machine have been producing applications and providing training in development and design since 2014. 

Educated Machine provide a fresh, human-friendly way of absorbing new knowledge and skills. Attendees will get insight into project based learning paths and see how anybody willing to apply themselves can master app development, from any starting point. 

This Seminar will cover : 

- Planning

- Design

- Development

- Coding Languages


This workshop will be facilitated by Educated Machine, a company that specializes in app and web development as well as the maintenance of WordPress sites. The fantastic Galway-based team will take your business or blog from an idea to a polished and finished product.

Educated Machine also provides a hands-on approach to the learning of different web development and business skills- from productivity, time management to content creation and sharing the spirit of your business online and across all social media platforms. 

Any questions? Send an email to [email protected]


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