Bank of Ireland Montrose, Dublin


Thu Oct 5 18:00



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Hackathons, Growth Hacking & Finance hacks for Driving your Startup Forward

Join us for insights by serial entrepreneur Silviu Preoteasa currently building his 3rd business Travel Open Partnership.

TOP Part 1: How We Plan To Launch Our Startup

In this short talk Silviu Preoteasa from the Travel Open Partnership (TOP) will share some of the learnings from the first two months of launching his new initiative - the pros and cons of having an existing company when you talk to banks, private investors and future business partners.

New companies don’t materialize out of thin air - most often than not, serial entrepreneurs have legacy business still ongoing or an existing company they use to start a new adventure. 

TOP is not different - we are lucky to have had resources to bootstrap our development but that came at a cost of having difficulties explaining to everybody else how the new business differs from the existing ones.

Silviu will talk a lot about hacking - hackathons, growth hacking, finance hacks and how to use them to drive your business forward at incredible speed. 

Time permitting we will open the floor for Q&A and finish the evening with a business networking event.


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