Bank of Ireland Montrose, Dublin


Thu Oct 5 16:00



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TOP Investor Event

Be one of the first to discover the investment opportunity in a highly scalable business with low capital expenditures. Travel Open Partnership (TOP) invites you to it’s inaugural exclusive Investor Event.


• 4PM Welcome

• 4h30PM TOP presentation

• 5h30PM Q&A

• 6PM-8PM Networking

TOP presentation

1. Vision

We will introduce our Travel Open Partnership and explain the broader plan for the next 60 months. This segment answers fundamental questions such as:

• What is the biggest problem in travel today?

• Why is this the perfect time to solve the issue?

• How can we harness global forces and deliver disruption in travel?

• Who are the partners in TOP?

2. TOP product roadmap

We use words like “platform”, “engine” and “widget” to talk about the TOP product, but what is it really like? After introducing the massive disruption plans we discussed in the Vision segment, the product roadmap will present a clear view of the upcoming 12-18 months of software development, partner onboarding and R&D taking place at TOP.

3. Investment opportunity

In this we present

• The Offering

• Consolidated Financial Data

• Risk Factors

• Market and Industry Data

• Business and Management Considerations

The meeting format will reserve time for a panel of TOP representatives to answer questions from the potential investors in the room.

Afterwards we network other friends of TOP and founders from Entrepreneurs Anonymous over a drink and a bite


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