Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Oct 24 19:00



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Making Your Dreams A Reality with Hadisa Suleyman from Estate of Mind

This almost Last Tuesday (we move around the date due to Halloween) we have the pleasure to welcome the energetic and always smiling Hadisa Suleyman, owner of the real estate agency Estate of Mind. 

And you get to enjoy chatting with probably the friendliest and most diverse group of entrepreneurs in Ghent!  

What you will learn: 

- How to make a reality of your dream: Hadisa is living her childhood dream right now! 

- Tips for stellar customer service: Selling real estate means often to be involved with the biggest purchase in a life time of a customer. Hadisa knows how to deal with emotions in a rational and professional way.  

- Balancing work-life with family: Hadisa is the mother of two small children 

FYI: Our previously planned speakers An and Steven from logistics company Conundra needed to travel abroad unexpectedly - so they will speak at our November event instead. 


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