Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Oct 24 19:00



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With A Passion for Optimization

This (almost) Last Tuesday (we moved it due to Halloween holidays) we have An De Wispelaere and Steven De Schrijver as speakers, they started Conundra in 2013.

Steven and An fell in love with optimization and it is from this shared passion that Conundra was born. Starting was not hard at all sinds they took a very fast lift off with a few big customers. The hardest part was knowing when to grow the team and constantly fighting to balance "too much versus too little work" to keep everybody busy and our company healthy.

Learn more about them and how they manage to constantly pivot according to what their customers need. Join us this first Last Tuesday after a long summer break! As usual you get the nice, friendly, international entrepreneur networking in the cozy Irish pub setting too! 

Conundra started out providing unique solutions for big complex non-standard top business supply chain planning problems, making use of cutting edge optimization techniques. One of their first customers was the department of Defence in The Netherlands asking them to solve their prisoner transportation problem. This is a very complex puzzle in which they realised double digit savings for their customer. Sinds then they have had a sharpened focus on this type of problems and the demand for the Conundra solution grew very rapidly.

Conundra built a SAAS (software as a service) route optimisation solution. Initially this was built for very complex logistical cases (including warehousing, customer restrictions, entire SC limitations), but now they are ready for a more broad market (low entry cost, high return of investment). 

Conundra has customers in Belgium, The Netherlands and France: Colruyt, Essers, Aquafin, Recupel, Bebat, Viabuild, Spar, GLS, DHL, Bpost, …


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