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Wed Feb 8 18:30



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What It Really Takes To Create Your Own Business? The Story of The Rugged Man

Fellow Entrepreneurs!

You are very welcome to join our special Entrepreneur Evening and networking event on Wednesday the 8th of February @ 6.30PM in Bank of Ireland Workbench on Patrick Street. Again, we would like to thank Bank of Ireland for all support and help in running our Entrepreneurs Anonymous events.

Why should you come?

• You will be able to learn directly from the experience of Alan Thomas. Alan is a founder of The Rugged Man ( Company providing high quality natural products tailored for beards. He is going to share with us the problems and challenges he encountered on his entrepreneurial journey from an idea to a real product and real customers. Alan discovered many misconceptions about entrepreneurship and is going to share everything he learned with you.

• You will have the opportunity to network and meet fellow Cork’s entrepreneurs.

• Finger food and snacks provided.

• We are there to support you in your venture and you can tap into the potential of hyper connected Entrepreneurs Anonymous Network with 12000+ members in 15 cities.

Come and tell us how we can help you with your venture!

Why we organise this event?

We strongly believe that each entrepreneur has a great potential to making the difference! In order to succeed it is often necessary to have the right mindset, network and support. Entrepreneurs’ Anonymous network is there to make it happen!

About the speaker

Alan is founder of Company The Rugged Man ( established in Alan’s home in West Cork in 2015. The Rugged Man ( is a men’s grooming business that provides high quality beardcare products for men. The business sell it’s range of products online and will be selling nationwide to barbershops in 2017


6:30 PM - Welcoming and tea&coffeea

6:45 PM – Alan Thomas presentation and Q&A

8:00 PM – Networking and connecting to fellow entrepreneurs in Roundy pub

Learn from the experience of Alan Thomas what really does it take to create your own business and get a chance to network with other entrepreneurs!

See you soon



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