Zalando Ltd., Dublin


Thu Nov 24 19:00



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Lessons Learned from Building and Managing Remote Teams

***Add your profile on Event.Cards and join the event for check-in and networking! Come tonight and discover if building a remote team is right for your company or startup and how to do it effectively! 

You will learn about how to build and manage a remote team. Get answers to questions like: 

• How do you set your processes up to be able to work with remote and outsourced workers? 

• Is it possible to establish a remote, cross-cultural team culture? 

• What are the benefits of Remote/Outsourced work? 

• What forms of remote workers are there? 

• What are the obstacles?

Daragh O'Shea is building his travel startup Dynamic Res, together with the remote developer team. Tonight, Martin from the remote team they are working with in Ukraine is visiting Dublin, and you get to hear hands on how their collaboration has worked out during the startup build. 

The EntAnon team, B.U.I.L.D event organisers and Event.Cards founders will also be in Dublin together this evening. How is it to work in Dublin, with team members living in Canada, Belgium, India and South-East Asia? Throw in some Fiverr gigs, residing in different time-zones, using several mailboxes and working with multiple projects simultaneously and you can start imagining what it's like... 


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