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How to build business with no investment using only mobile phone**PAID EVENT**

Learn from the experience of Daniel Carey on how to overcome any obstacle in your quest to drive your business and get a chance to network with other entrepreneurs!

**This is a paid event.  Registration on Meetup is not enough for entry. Please register on Eventbrite to get your ticket**

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**Ticket price of 8 euro helps us to cover price of professional venue to help speaker deliver better quality presentation  and free coffee**

Fellow Entrepreneurs!
You are very welcome to join our special Networking Evening for Entrepreneurs on the 10th of August @7pm at Maldron Hotel!

Why you should come?

• You will be able to learn directly from the experience of Daniel Carey how to build strong business with the  minimum investment through working with what you’ve got. Daniel will also share tips on how to build brand  awareness, grow sales and provide regular interaction with your brand using social media.
• You will have the opportunity to network and meet fellow Cork’s entrepreneurs.
• You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and identify opportunities for your business.
• Finger food and snacks provided.
• We are there to support you in your venture and you can tap into the potential of hyper
connected Entrepreneurs Anonymous Network with 10000+ members in 14 European cities.

Come and tell us how we can help you with your venture!

Why we organise this event?

We strongly believe that each entrepreneur has a great potential to making the
difference! In order to succeed it is often necessary to have the right mindset, network
and support. Entrepreneurs’ Anonymous network is there to make it happen!

About the speaker

Daniel Carey

Daniel is the owner of LIKE Communication Ltd, a Cork-based digital marketing company. Daniel has worked in advertising and management in newspapers over a 19-
year career. Daniel was founder and managing director of Cork News and Media Ltd & Like Magazines Ltd, his own venture, and has worked in management and senior
management with a host of regional and national newspapers including the Irish Examiner, Sunday Independent and the Times of London. He has had to navigate the through the turbulent decline of print media and now operates a thriving digital
marketing company, with zero investment and against all the odds.


7:00 PM - Welcoming and finger food
7:30 PM - Daniel Carey’s presentation and Q&A
8:30 PM - Optional 30 seconds introductions
8:45 PM - Networking and connecting to fellow entrepreneurs


Maldron Hotel,

John Redmond Street, Cork

Wednesday 10th of August @ 7pm

Registration link:

Quotes from attendees

John Keating, Storyteller and Pitching Coach: "The reason I come to this events are the
people: young energetic entrepreneurs who have good ideas, take risks, go new ways,
stand up and get their products out there."

Alex Mittler, Business Development Manager at StudioForty9: "I value these entrepreneurial
events for the ability to effectively learn and network with people who are facing the
same issues as me while building their company. This meetup is all about business in the
real world which I feel is not lectured appropriately in Universities and that is such a great
asset. Remember: Your network is your net worth.”

Cezar Kivylius, Entrepreneur and Developer: “Listening to Pat Lynch and Bill Liao in the previous
two events I learned so much that it actually changed my life!”

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