Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Dublin


Fri Nov 18 18:00



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Travel meets Big Data Hackathon + Conference

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Do you have an idea that will disrupt how we travel? This is your chance to put your idea into play and win big, using your creativity and expertise to shape the future of travel!

A hackathon is an event where technically-minded developers and business people, who are driven to innovate and build new, viable products come together for a weekend to test new ideas and solve real challenges.

It blends successful verticals with cutting-edge technologies and uses the power of the crowd to solve challenges facing industries. Industry experts interact with interested attendees to increase the scope, promoting innovation and the creation of commercially viable prototypes.

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What makes the BUILD Challenge innovative and unique is the integration of the best parts of Startup Weekend, Kaggle competitions and the proven Hackathon formula to create an event bigger than the sum of its parts.

The BUILD Challenge is an European series of technology events promoting innovation, new solutions and progress in tech-driven industries in the form of a hackathon mixed with a conference.

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