Patrick Foley's Irish Pub, Gent


Tue Apr 26 19:00



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Entrepreneur Talk & Networking Drink: What I wish I would have known...

There are a lot of things Frederik would have liked to know before he started his own business; as it certainly would have made some things a little bit easier. Frederik comes to speak at this April Last Tuesday happy to share those insights with some enthusiastic fellow entrepreneurs. 

Frederik Daneels, lives in Oudenaarde and leads 2 businesses 

- Extra Paar Handen which is a company that helps other enterprises when they need an extra support for their administrative activities (in short: office help).

- LifeGoals. Frederik also works as a life coach. He helps people upgrading their life, finding out what they want and by letting them getting to know themselves.

Frederik will talk about the ‘universal way’ of handling something, with the focus on how to start and also how to maintain a business using a view of his past, the path and choices he made along the way. Frederik will attempt to give an insight on how something can evolve (or even stop) during time. Like Steve Jobs said: "it’s all about connecting the dots". 


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