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Tue Mar 15 19:00



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How to change the world impacting 13+ millions of lives? Story of Bill Liao.

Fellow Entrepreneurs!

You are very welcomed to join our informal networking event on the 15th @7pm in Revolution Cork Coworking Space! This time we will have Bill Liao, serial social entrepreneur, diplomat, investor, business mentor and author with a distinguished record in the areas of business, development and community activism. He is a regular speaker at many events and venues such as The London School of Economics, The World Economic Forum, The Globe Forum in Sweden, The House of Commons and TED as well as TEDx.

·  Co-Founder of XING - business social network service – 13+ million members worldwide

·  Co-Founder - 100,000 children coding regularly in 60 countries

·  Founder – 11+ millions trees planted

·  Co-Founder Indie.Bio - Synthetic Biology accelerator with avg. investment of 50K -200K

·  European Venture Partner at SOSventures (310+ companies with 250m assets under management)

·  Trustee for the Nominet Trust – UK leading social tech funder with investments £17+ million

P.S Big thanks to Suzanne Burns for helping organize this event! Suzanne is the manager of Revolution Coworking Space and is a passionate Zoologist who has had a diverse career as a research scientist, wildlife guide and author. She recently founded her own Cork based startup - Cork Costal Trips. For more info on Coworking Space or Cork Costal Trips you can contact Suzanne via [email protected] or phone 085-107 6113

Looking forward to meet you!

Vyacheslav Ladischenski (Slava)


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