Trinity College, Watt's Building, Global Room, Dublin


Tue Feb 2 18:00



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Co-founder Dating

Not only do you need funding to get a start up going and growing, you need a team of dedicated people as well. 

If you:
- are starting a business and looking for a team
- would like to share your skills with an exciting start up come to Trinity College, Global room in the evening of Tuesday the 2nd February. Manoj Chawla: CoFounder of will together with Entrepreneurs Anonymous organize an evening dedicated to help you build that startup team.


• 6h00 Welcome. There are only a few chairs available, so if you want to sit, be there on time! This is also your opportunity to head start scouting for co-founders.

• 6h30 Co-founder story by Coursiqa

6h40 Tim Duggan 50 shades of partnership

7h00 Ian Lucey on why a startup team is attractive for investors

7h20 Co-founder Speed-dating and networking, remember to bring your business card and have your 2 minute pitch ready; more info on how the speed dating works below! Too make the most out of it you could also wear a badge with your details on. 

9h00 The Global Room is closed, but feel free to continue mingling elsewhere. 

BYOD Bring Your Own DRINK! concept, there will be no catering available nor shops close by so feel free to bring any own beverage you wish to drink something during the event. Max 2 drinks though, it's college policy. 


Tim Duggan

Tim's talk will talk about 50 Shades of Partnership - showing there are many ways you can work with your startup team. Tim works with business development at Digitary, a company with a mission to make it secure and easy for individuals to access, share and authenticate their verified achievements online. Tim also founded Skynet Labs providing oil and gas companies with scalable and integrated software tools for exploration and production. Previously Tim worked at Speed LebanonSurge Accelerator and Startupbootcamp.

Ian Lucey is an angel investor at Lucey Fund. 

Lucey have invested in over 60+ startups over the past 3 years in different sectors. Lucey love Sales Directors and people with a great understanding of their industry. The investment model works for startups that are looking for a tech partner or for tech development. Once the product is on the market Lucey can help scale your business internationally. The Lucey Fund is leading a new wave of very early stage angel investing coming out of Europe. It’s a Venture Technology firm that builds new products for early-stage startups in return for equity. The Lucey Fund has offices in Dublin, London, Los Angeles, Spain, Poland and Ukraine.

Ian has experience building and selling SaaS, ERP, Accounting, Time & Billing, CRM and Payments systems around the world. Ian sits on the board of numerous startups.

Ian will talk about why strong teams are so attractive in the eyes of investors. 

Co-founding story

Coursiqa is an Irish Ed Tech company looking to improve the education experience and outcomes of students, teachers and parents through innovative mobile technology. Deborah Carberry and Connor Curran founded the company together less than a year ago, and will share what they have learned working back to back in their startup. 

Speed dating format

Everyone wishing to find a co-founder/work in a startup will join a table with 3-5 people.  You have 2 minutes to explain what you are looking for before moving on to the next table.

Remember to bring your business card and have your 2 minute pitch ready! And if you have a badge with your name on, use that too! 

This event is part of the Startup Europe Week

The next Find Co-founders /Start Your Business event will be about the nitty gritty legal stuff you need to know when you make your startup and co-founding official. Stay updated by becoming a member in the meetup group


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