4 Dame Lame, Dublin 2


Wed Feb 3 19:00



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Marketing Tactics for Startups

Kareem Mostafa is a marketing professional and influencer passionate about building tribes and word of mouth. He is also the founder of TribeTactics, a growth agency for startups serious about scaling through community. 

Together with Entrepreneurs Anonymous Kareem will share some marketing tactics especially aimed for startups. He believes one of the most important challenges for your early stage startup with minimal-to-no funds to survive and grow, is getting enough traction and spreading the word about your brand. The best way to do this is to get your audience to talk to their friends about your product and give it their personal recommendation.

This marketing talk will be designed for startups to understand how to create products that are more likely to generate word of mouth, by learning specific tactics that help make their offerings more word of mouth worthy. The tactics do not depend on having a budget, which means any loan they secure via the government/private equity can be better optimized.

This directly depends on businesses generating revenue to sustain themselves and grow, which comes down to effective marketing using their allocated resources. Low cost marketing contribute to one of Startup Europe's overarching initiatives which is to promote entrepreneurship in the region and increase the number of jobs created. 

The talk will follow with the normal, fun, casual EntAnon style networking. 

This event is part of the Startup Europe Week


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