Bank of Ireland, Dublin 2


Wed Jan 13 18:00



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Business BoostCamp - Minimal Viable Branding

Did you ever find the time to actually sit down and work on your brand, the personality identifying your service and figure out the best ways to put it out there? 

Many entrepreneurs don't. But the ones who do tend to stand out from their competitors, they can charge higher prices, get more market share, launch new products easier, do marketing more effectively... The benefits are many.

At the January BoostCamp you have the chance to craft a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) for your business. The MVB (inspired by the Lean-methodology) is suitable for entrepreneurs short of time and money, but wanting their business to look and feel good. The MVB is a starting point to a complete, robust brand platform. You can learn more in the Harvard Business Review article: here 

3 things you will brainstorm about: 

- The Story: the reasons behind why your business exists and what is special about it

- The Artefacts: the things to illustrate that story

- The Ticket: how to communicate your story to your audience

We have a very tight schedule, as BoI premises close at 20h00, so please arrive before 18h30.  


18h30-18h45 Introduction

18h45-19h00 Part I The Story

19h00-19h15 Part II The Artefacts

19h15-19h30 Break

19h30-19h45 Part III

19h45-20h00 Feedback & Wrap up

20h00--> After Workshop networking drinks at own cost at a bar nearby

Trevor Koen and the other co-founders of the digital agency Imperic Media will help you discover the story around your brand and how you can communicate it to your customers; especially online. The guys from Imperic Media will also be happy to answer any online marketing questions you might have. 

You will get to brainstorm on ideas and get feedback from other entrepreneurs.

Limited places (40) available in order to bring you a great experience.

In 2016 EntAnon and B.U.I.L.D (Business United for Innovation, Learning, Development) we offer you, dear member:


• 90 minute workshop 

• For you who wants to sell more

• totally free

• every 2nd Wednesday evening each month (13.1, 10.2, 9.3...)

• Bank Of Ireland Grand Canal

• Complimentary drink & nibbles 

• An opportunity to spend time with other likeminded business owners

• successful entrepreneurs share very practical tips on how you can boost your business based on their area of expertise.


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