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Next Generation of Monitoring – Predictive Analytics

Big Data Bungalow - Knowledge Exchange November 19, 2016 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Anthony Brew

In today’s smarter planet whether it’s smart meters in an electric grid, escalators and security cameras in office buildings, signals and switches from railroad networks or Wi-Fi in airplanes or the software systems that support them, our world is filled with devices that are instrumented and interconnected.

There was a time when a person walking through a building and checking meters individually was enough. Manual checks of the IT infrastructure also could be sufficient when the infrastructure was simple. But as complexity has grown, monitoring has required more powerful and sophisticated tools. Operational centers now face the problem of doing more with less, an increasing array of devices and systems that can be monitored coupled with larger and larger systems of increasing complexity .

As the volume of data going though operations centers has exploded these centers face an increasing need to apply analytical techniques to prevent data blindness. As complex as these large systems may be, they are tied together by physical infrastructure and man made components and software, this provides a signal with which we can learn and build patterns. This talk will introduce some of the data that operations centers collect and work with.

This talk highlights how statistical patterns can be applied back to the operations center to reduce costs and drive operational efficiency.